Iris Apfel

I had just finished watching all available seasons of Chopped on Netflix so I was scrolling to see what else caught my eye. I came about a documentary on Iris Apfel, and let me say it has been such a long time since I have felt so inspired about fashion and style.

I have been so conformed to wearing the same uniform because of comfort and its normalcy but it’s so refreshing to see someone so eclectic and to see someone who knows how to work with color, texture, and depth so well. It reminds me that whatever I wear I should feel good about about it and I should have fun with it.

Recently I’ve felt this pressure to not stand out and wear what others will deem normal and unoffensive but I have to understand that if I want to, it should be okay to step out of that box.

I recently turned 20 and let me tell you I did have a mini breakdown (20!? others have acheived so much at 20 and look at me what am I doing!? living with my parents I should be a business woman by now!!!) but I feel like I shouldn’t be rushed. If I feel 18 for the rest of my life than GOD BLESS! My age shouldn’t hold me back, as long as I feel inspired to create.

Iris is a gem and there are not a lot of people that know how to dress quite like her. We are blessed to have someone like her to teach and to inspire us.

(image screencapped from Netflix)

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